Hello, Gnar Freaks!

You could turn many a phrase describing the first two weeks here at the gnew Gnar headquarters in Los Angeles, but you wouldn’t use the words ‘slow’ or ‘uneventful’ in any of them. In the time since we’ve returned from our North American tour with YACHT, we’ve signed a lease on the new space, ordered 5 new cassette releases, played a White Fang show at The Smell with Meatbodies and No Parents, played 3 shows as the Memories including the Gnar Tapes Studio G grand opening party, as well as two shows in Orange County, printed hundreds of T-Shirts, recorded 26 cover songs for the Gnar FM Halloween mix-tape, and still we’ve found time to curate 2 new Digital 7″™ and design 11 brand new T-Shirts (well, some our newer than others)!

 New T-Shirts

aliensextshirtsmall whitefanglogostshirtsmall whitefangfangyourfacetshirtsmall whitefangfangtallicatshirtsmall whitefangfanghalentshirtsmall whitefangdogstshirtsmall whitefangbelltshirtsmall thememoriesheartstroketshirtsmall mannakedonbiketshirtsmall gnartapesgnarflowertshirtsmall chillyourselftshirtsmall

You’ve got 1 new Gnar Tapes shirt, 6 new White Fang shirts, 1 new The Memories shirt, and 3 new miscellaneous shirts to choose from in the shop! All sizes available! Feel free to e-mail us for more information and to request color/pattern shirts and colored ink.