Gnar Tapes is an LA & NY based international cassette label, art collective, and music publisher. Its extended family of musicians, artists, writers, filmmakers, photographers, sculptors, chefs, growers, coders, athletes, monks, hermits, and fringe types inhabit all corners of the world and internet. Established in January 2008 in a basement in Portland, Oregon by founder and White Fang band leader Rikky “Free Weed” Gage, the label and band moved to LA in January 2014 and subsequently operated the Studio G recording studio and GnarBurger record store compound from August 2014 to August 2018. The label and store then moved online while label VP Unkle Funkle relocated to NYC to manage the Rockaway Beach Hut recording studio in Rockaway Park, Queens. In 2019 the label’s clubhouse relocated to LA’s Highland Park neighborhood where operations and recording continue. 

For more information:
Gnar Tapes IG 
GnarBurger (RIP) IG (Archive)

Current active artists:
Bigott (Zaragoza, Spain)
Boys Age (Saitama, Japan)
Free Weed (Los Angeles, CA)
Giftshop (Los Angeles, CA)
Hip Hop Izak (Los Angeles, CA)
Jerry Rogers (Los Angeles, CA)
Karly G (TBD, Ontario, Canada)
The Memories (Los Angeles, CA)
Tommy Midnight (Huntington Beach, CA)
Similar Alien (Chico, CA)
Shrimp Olympics (Minneapolis, MN)
The Stoners (Los Angeles, CA)
Unkle Funkle (New York City, NY)
White Fang (Los Angeles / NYC)

Selected alumni:
Friendless Summer
CCR Headcleaner
DJ Douggpound
Fat Tony
Guantanamo Baywatch
Heaven The Dude
Jib Kidder
Phil Thomas Katt
Keel Her 
The Lemons
The Lentils
Love Cop
Mean Jeans
Mental Theo
Mind Rays
Adrian Orange
R. Stevie Moore
Particle Kid
Pearl & The Oysters
Pop Zeus
Jimmy Whispers