First off thanks for all the friends and fans we got to kick it with on tour. Y’all made it the best tour we’ve ever done (so far ;-)) and that means everything to us! That’s why we do this! We’ll be seeing you again VERY soon 😉

We have two (2) GNEW GNAR TAPES coming out next week and we couldn’t be happier! Gnar Burger returns with one more release for 2013 and it’s one of the best albums of the year, destined to be a classic forever. The 134th cassette by Gnar Tapes, and 16th co-release with our best friends Burger Records, is the highly anticipated sophomore album by Gap Dream; the dream pop glam synth masterpiece Shine Your Light !!!

Check out the new video starring John Ennis (of Mr. Show fame!!!) —–>

Our final cassette release of November 2013 is a surprise co-release with the rare and righteous Rad Records, a sister label of Marriage Records, headed by none other than the rare and righteous rambler Kyle Field (aka Little Wings!!!!!!!!) !!! It is also Gnar Tapes 135th cassette and 8th cassette by everyone’s favorite weed-rolling tumbleweeds… The Memories! The little magic moment that is Ripple is the most heartfelt and atmospheric chapter in their story so far; five (5) folk-inflected acoustic guitar driven heartbreak highway songs, with even more Americana pop sprinkles than ever before. Wistful, breezy, and haunting, this is The Memories most straight-faced and emotionally honest collection of songs to date. A small ripple in the big pond that is The Memories’ emotional wellspring. Awwww.

Also we sold out of most things on tour but we have a small amount of White Fang and The Memories cassettes still available HERE !!!