Gnar Tapes Weekly Song & Video Challenge!

The Gnar Tapes Weekly Song & Video Challenge is a music video club hosted by Gnar Tapes and is the primary feature on our show ‘Tunesday’ that streams live every Tuesday night from 7-9PM PDT on the Gnar Tapes Gnetwork. We play all submitted videos for the previous week’s challenge before announcing the new challenge theme for the week via music videos by Free Weed and Jerry Rogers, both of the band White Fang. The only rules are to follow the weekly theme in some way; vague or otherwise (we encourage twists!) – and if you’re going to submit, to keep your tunes and videos hate-free. You don’t have to submit every week, or even more than once; once you’re in the club, you’re always in the club! Upload your videos to YouTube and send the link to GnarTapes at Gmail dot com and your video will be played on ‘Tunesday’ and the following night in a segment on our week Gnar Tapes Gnight Live late-night talk show every Wednesday from 9PM-12AM PDT.


Week 1. Ladders (challenge issued 6/1/18)

Week 2. Swimming (challenge issued 6/14/18)

Week 3. Beatles covers (challenge issued 6/21/2018)

Week 4. Sandwiches (challenge issued 6/28/18)

Week 5. TV Themes (challenge issued 7/5/18)

Week 6. The Moon (challenge issued 7/12/18)

Week 7. Parodies (challenge issued 7/19/18)

Week 8. Magic (challenge issued 7/26/18)

Week 9. Butts (challenge issued 8/1/18)

10. Ramones covers (challenge issued 8/8/18)

Week 11. Hats (challenge issued 8/14)

Week 12. Video Games (challenge issued 8/21/2018)

Week 13. CHALLENGE TO BE ISSUED 8/28/2018