Today we watched The Decline of Western Civilization.

I’ve been getting back into punk really hard; it was all I used to listen to from eighth grade until sophomore year of high school. (At my peak I had over two hundred compact discs with band like Black Flag, Dead Kennedys, Ramones, Bad Brains, Germs, The Clash, Circle Jerks, Meat Puppets, Minutemen, Fear, Agent Orange, Buzzcocks, The Fall, Dickies, Crass, D.O.A., X, Reagan Youth, The Damned, Social Distortion, The Undertones, Subhumans, Operation Ivy, Joy Division, Toy Dolls, G.B.H., Sham 69, Adolescents, etc. For some reason my parents, who both listened to punk when they were young and still do, wouldn’t let me have Misfits or Descendents. It was stupid.)

Anyway the movie moved me deeply and I got deeply into.

Today I listened to all of the Spiral Scratch EP by the Buzzcocks and the entirety of Jamboree by Beat Happening (they played with Black Flag, dude.)

Listen to these ones:

Bad Brains by Bad Brains
Nervous Breakdown by Black Flag
Complete Discography by Minor Threat
Group Sex by Circle Jerks
Walk Among Us by Misfits
A Collection of Pop Hits by Reagan Youth

But, honestly, Beat Happening’s “Cat Walk” is my song of the day.