FunkleGnar Tapes Vice-President Unkle Funkle was born Christopher Joseph Uehlein (yoo-line) to parents Bill Uehlein and Helen Moss in San Francisco, California at around 1:00pm on Friday the 13th of May in 1988. His family moved to Portland, Oregon in 1992 where shortly after he began playing guitar. Funkle met Rikky at Alice Ott Middle School in South-East Portland, and Jimmy at David Douglas High School.

After High-School, Funkle attended the University of Oregon for about 3 years before dropping out to work at Gnar Tapes full time. Shortly after that he joined White Fang on the bass. He toured and recorded with White Fang on the bass for many years until last year when Kyle left and he assumed the lead guitar position.

Funkle made this website, as well as the entire Gnar Gnetwork. Funkle loves computers.

The best way to his heart is through his stomach.

Favorite Foods: Seafood, Hot Dogs, Breakfast
Favorite Color:
Favorite Movies: Fargo, Akira, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Boogie Nights,
Favorite TV Shows: Southpark, The Simpsons, Rocko’s Modern Life, and most cartoons.
Musical Influences: Ween, Vengaboys, Celine Dion, Shania Twain, Slayer,
Favorite Book: The Lord Of The Rings
Astrological Chart: Rising Sign is in 27 Degrees Leo, Sun is in 23 Degrees Taurus, Moon is in 26 Degrees Aries, Mercury is in 14 Degrees Gemini, Venus is in 29 Degrees Gemini, Mars is in 24 Degrees Aquarius, Jupiter is in 15 Degrees Taurus, Saturn is in 01 Degrees Capricorn, Uranus is in 00 Degrees Capricorn, Neptune is in 09 Degrees Capricorn, Pluto is in 10 Degrees Scorpio, N. Node is in 21 Degrees Pisces