Hello friends! Rikky here!

It’s almost February (I’ll be 29 on February 24th) and 2018 is already shaping up be our busiest year yet. At the beginning of the month we started renovations on our record store here in Cypress Park, on the northeast side of Los Angeles, beginning with condensing our selection and store size. We still have all the same selection, just a lot easier to look through. And now the Gnar Tapes office is in the same building as the shop, making it a lot easier and more approachable for fans and casual visitors. All that and now the recording studio in the back building has more room than it has in almost 4 years! It’s been a crazy process with lots of dust and heavy lifiting, but it’s been well worth it as we have finally found time to schecule for us to play music every afternoon. It’s been really nice.

We’ve already got our first music release of the year, YACHT’s ‘Strawberry Moon’ EP (GNAR220) – still availble in the shop; and it comes with a really sweet pin of the strawberries from the cover art (designed by Eric “E*Rock” Mast; a longtime favorite of ours), and are fast approaching our second music release of 2018 – Free Weed’s ‘Rikky’s Room 2’ – highly-anticipated limited edition of 48 gold cassettes featuring the newest installments of my (hi, I’m Rikky and I’m also Free Weed) most recent explorations of the Roland RC-30 Loop Station using voice, SK-5, and various toys and guitars.

Also we’re expecting the new White Fang enamel pins featuring a portrait of the band, and the new Gnar Tapes logo pins in gold! They should be here next week and pre-orders will be shipped promptly.

Make sure to keep an eye on our live streams; we’re always live on Wednesday nights at 9PM-12AM (Pacific Standard Time) and usually on Sundays at either 4:20PM or 7PM (PST) and usually every Friday at 4:20PM. There’s always deals and way more up to date news on the shows.

Hope to see and hear from you soon!
Your bud
Big Rik