Hello all! Been a crazy year and I can’t believe we haven’t posted on the page “GNEWS” section in so long. I’m going to be posting here weekly now, with schedules for GTG shows and new releases!

We just started the new Season 3 of the Gnar Tapes Gnetwork earlier this week, on Sunday with “Gettin’ Fat With Skinny Jesus” where Izak prepared absolutely stunningly gorgeous baja fish tacos. It was so delicious. Next episode will be September 17th at 4:20PM (PST) here on the Gnar Tapes Gnetwork!

Here’s how the new scheduling for GTG works:
We are breaking programming into two (2) different block weeks.

Week A:
Sunday 4:20PM – “Gettin’ Fat With Skinny Jesus” cooking show!
Tuesday 9:00PM – “ParaGnarmal Gnarcast” supernatural, paranormal, and horror talkshow!
Wednesday 9:00PM – “Gnar Tapes Gnight Live” music, art, and party show! Our longest running show! Every Wednesday!
Friday 4:20PM – “Stuff You Should Smoke” marijuana smoking and review show!

Week B:
Sunday 7:00PM – “Unkle Funkle’s Gnaraoke Gnight” live karaoke performance show!
Wednesday 9:00PM – “Gnar Tapes Gnight Live” music, art, and party show! Our longest running show! Every Wednesday!
Thursday 6:00PM – “Corey’s Conspiracies” political, societal, lifestyle show focusing on conspiracies and discussion!
Saturday 4:20PM – “Daddy’s Doodle Den” live drawing, painting, and crafts with Rikky Gage!

Be sure and check out every show for free music downloads and chances to win prizes!

Also did you get a chance to check out The Memories mindblowing one-shot take video yet???

Also did you already get our newest release, GNAR214 Particle Kid “Everything Is Bullshit” ???
It’s topshelf lo-fi bedroom pop from Micah Nelson, son of the one and only Willie Nelson!

We have new tapes coming soon from:
GNAR215 Fat Tony “MacGregor Park”
GNAR216 R. Stevie Moore “Solid State (1983)”
GNAR217 Jerry Rogers “Raspberry Radio”

plus Free Weed, Mind Rays, More Eats, and more!

Stay with us!
Love you all!
XOXO Rikky


In the Studio G parking lot!

A recently finished commission by artist and Gnar Tapes president Rikky Gage!

Rikky’s break area for quiet contemplation at the Gnar headquarters!

Gnar Tapes artists Jimmy Whispers, Douggpound, and Free Weed at the afterparty following the Gary Wilson, Jimmy Whispers, The Memories show at Zebulon in Los ANgeles 9/3/17

Free Weed (aka Gnar president Rikky Gage) and Predator at the Long Beach Comic Con following White Fang’s opening set playing with The Zeros, The Dwarves, and Nobunny!

Cover image for the upcoming Fat Tony cassette on Gnar Tapes!