Howdy y’all! It’s been a few minutes since we had some new tapes up and I’m stoked to tell you that we FINALLY have new tapes from the Mean Jeans, Kusikia and The Shivas. Because of how long it took us to post these tapes, and because we have been distributing all of them at various stores in Portland, our inventory has been quickly shrinking. If you live in Portland or if you’re in town you could pick up tapes at Exiled Records on 47th and Hawthorne, Green Noise Records on 26th and Clinton, Mississippi Records on Mississippi and Shaver, The Biz on 43rd and Division, Microcosm Books on 9th and Main, Nationale on 8th and Burnside and Rad Summer on 28th and Burnside. Get to it! Real soon we’ll have a few more of The Whines demos tapes and the first Purple Rhinestone Eagle tape. Talk soon. Love you. XOXO GNAR