SUP GNAR TARDS! It’s been the busiest year of our lives and we’re sorry for all mail order delays or hassles. Everything should be gravy from here on out. The Gnar Tapes office is still in Portland but the White Fang guys (including me, Rikky) all moved to LA to record with Bobby Harlow and to be closer to Burger Records. Since then The Memories have toured with R. Stevie Moore and White Fang toured Europe and the US extensively. Now there is only a week before The Memories hit the highways of the USA to spread the message of lovin’ (dates coming soon)! It’s getting wacky!!!

We are going to be putting out a batch of tapes every month all year long, with some other surprises tossed in by the buttload. Last month we released Fungi Girls, Pop Zeus, Honey Bucket, and Petty Things – and what releases they were. Fungi Girls toured Texas and Louisiana with White Fang last month and will be playing a few Texas shows with The Memories this month as well. Petty Things just finished a tour of the west coast and they looked really happy when we saw them last night at the Lolipop Records shop show with The Memories. Pop Zeus is up in Portland at Gnarnia writing his new full-length album and partying. And Honey Bucket is enjoying the spring skateboarding weather up in Portland, playing local shows and getting ready to tour the west coast themselves.

This month we are releasing yet another batch of grade-A Gnar – featuring the long-anticipated sophomore album by Totally You (Izak Arida of The Memories and BOOM!), the new mind-warping album by Zach Phillips (of OSR Tapes, Blanche Blanche Blanche, Big French), LA blurry fuzz-burner duo Spaceships, and self proclaimed “wurkstep perverts”, Chicago’s warehouse beatfreaks Sich Mang (this tape gonna be good for crazy late night summer dance pits). We’ll post some previews of these good good ones on the next post (where we’ll post The Memories’ tour dates and more) 🙂

Also one of last month’s / this month’s surprises is the release of not one, but two new Free Weed cassettes! The first of which is “Bong Pop”, the guitar pop sequel to “Free”, which features only 100% pure jangle stoner jingles and includes an appearance by none other than the inimitable Colleen Green! Another split release with Burger Records (a real Gnar Burger!) and features the popular BRGR TV theme as a bonus track!

The second of the new Free Weed run is the ridiculous and righteous loosely conceptual album “Single Serving Songs” released on Plastic Response Records of Greenville, South Carolina (who also released the essential Emotional “best of” collection and the exceptional new one by Japan’s own The Boys Age – you should grip ’em all – they come with cool pins and posters). Recorded mostly in Los Angeles, this is the first album to be finished by Free Weed since his recent relocation to the City of Angels. Genre-defying, rule-defying; the variety show of freaky sentiments (XBOX, pizza, baked potatoes, etc) and music styles (pop, pop punk, country, alt-rock, rap, etc.) combined with the very concise song lengths make this a very unique and entertaining listening experience. Sure to be quoted by you and your friends.

In other Gnar gnews…

Fat Creeps (whose upcoming tape in June is also being released on vinyl LP by Sophomore Lounge Records) just premiered a teaser video on Tiny Mix Tapes. Check out the article HERE and the video below 🙂

The Memories also just released the cassette version of “Touched By An Angel” on Burger Records and Lolipop Records, with digital release and an LP version on Lolipop coming out in the next month or so. CMJ gave it a nice lil SHOUT. (The tape will only be available from Burger, Lolipop, or from the band on their May/June tour.)

We’ll do another post this week before The Memories go on tour! At that time we’ll also put up some of the new Free Weed tapes, as well as a new “fan favorite” collection of White Fang songs (split released by Burger and Lolipop), and some new pins and such.

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