“”Earth Day 2013″ is a relaxation & healing motivational worship tape. Intended for meditation and connection with the Earth Goddes. Relax your mind and embrace the calm moods of this inspirational new cassette. Feel the cool pools of emotion wash away as you drift away to warm seas of bliss. Calm yourself, and prepare to be escorted to the gardens of your Earth mind. Feel free. Embrace the Goddess. Forgive, and forgive yourself, for we are all her children.” – DJ Free Weed

Enjoy this celebratory ethereal experience on cassette via Gnar Tapes! Featuring a B-Side of remixes by Gnar Tapes showstoppers Jib Kidder and Unkle Funkle, this cassette is a must-have for all electronics and beat heads out there. Relax on the mellow waves of chill beats.