Hola amigos! This is Rikky writing to you from Los Angeles. Boy was last year a doozie. 2015 was a year of settling into our new storefront GnarBurger (open daily noon to 8pm at 3436 North Figueroa Street in L.A., CA) and recording and prepping a lot of our own new material for our bands, including The Memories four (4!!!) new LPs coming out this year! 2015 was a little bit of a selfish year for Gnar; we didn’t put out many tapes (seriously only like a dozen or so) and we were a bit focused on our bands.

But 2016 is gonna be different!

As your Gnar Tapes president for 2016 I promise to:

  1. See to it that there are new cassettes for you at least once a month.
  2. Provide listeners with new episodes of the Gnar FM TGIF Podcast at least once a month.
  3. Make sure that all mail orders go out at least once a week.
  4. Bring back the Gnar Digital 7″ series with new Digital 7″s at least once a month.
  5. Release at least two (2) Gnar Tapes cassette compilations this year.
  6. Post to the Gnar Tapes Instagram at least once a day.
  7. Update the Gnar Tapes Etsy page with new items at least once a month.
  8. Post singles to the Gnar Tapes Soundcloud page for every new release.
  9. Send the Gnar Stars Caravan Tour out beyond California.
  10. Be the best Gnar Tapes label you’ve ever heard of.

That’s the OFFICIAL 2016 Gnar Prez’s Resolution List!

It all starts today with the release of two gnew Gnar Tapes from two bands from both coasts of the USA! On the West Coast we have Chill Phil (1/2 of beloved Gnar pop goths Love Cop) with his new tape ‘I Know I’m Not Right, But I Know I’m Not Wrong’ which sounds like Love Cop except softer and sweeter; a little less goth and a little more pop. On the East Coast we have our legitimate homies Nice Guys from Allston, MA with their long-awaited new one ‘WSM’ which means “Warrior Scholar Mode” and it’s seven (7) strong doses of dank basement punk. Those are available in the shop! The next tape coming up is The Pooches from Glasgow, Scotland! That’s out on February 1st!

Stay tuned for more!