Hello friends. This weekend on Saturday 7/30/11 we’re throwing a fucking block party on the strip outside of the House of Preblon, home to the inimitable Indie Rock Sucks crew. The flyer has all you need to know, but there’s going to be a lot more going on including food (bring your grill!)and Neza taco cart, etc., Gnar Tapes Dumbass Art Show, Gnar Tapes sales on shirts, tapes and posters, P-A-R-T-Y-I-N-G! Not to mention that the block party has a permit and will be legally blocked off so y’all can skate or whatever. And it’s in the killer southeast industrial district (SE 10th Ave, between Stark and Pine to be exact). And of course it’s free. WE ARE LOOKING FOR ABLE BODIED VOLUNTEERS FOR MANY LITTLE TASKS! PLEASE EMAIL ERIK @ GNARTAPES@GMAIL.COM!

Onto other news, the Jovontaes tapes will be up in the next day or so. We hand dubbed each and every one of these little tapes in mine and my girlfriend’s living room. I’ve kind of been obsessing over this tape so it feels really, reallyyyy good to tell you that the clearly chill and patient dudes of Jovontaes will be getting their tapes very, veryyyy soon.

Some upcoming shows-

7/30 – Adrian Orange, Unnatural Helpers (Seattle), White Fang, BOOM!, Youthbitch, Ghost Mom, Grrrl Friend, Mustaphamond @ GNIGHT AT PREBLON (420 SE 10th Ave)

8/4 – Little Wings, The Memories, Alex Bleeker & The Freaks @ Ever Gold Gallery in SAN FRANCISCO, CA

8/13 – The Memories, Grandparents @ Alberta Street Fair

8/15 – The Memories and more @ GNAR GNIGHT @ Valentines (Portland)

9/3 – GNAR GNIGHT @ Agenda (bands TBA)

9/5 – White Fang, Devon Williams @ East End

<3 - ERIK