! ! ! ! ! ! ! HAPPY GNAR YEAR! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

It’s 2014, the newest year yet, and it’s going to be the best and most magical by far!!! 
So many beautiful things already in the works and so many new friends!
It’s truly a wonderful time we are entering 🙂

In 2013 we spent more than half of the year touring and traveling, but still managed to put out 39 cassettes, maybe 40! That’s not including White Fang “High Expectations” LP on Metal Postcard Records, The Memories “Love Is The Law” LP on Burger Records, Free Weed “Free / Beer On The Drugs” LP on Metal Postcard, and the 7″s, t shirts, pins, zines, etc!

And 2014 is looking to be EVEN MORE productive!!!
We don’t want to give away too much at once but let’s say that your boys hard work is starting to pay off and there are things happening. A lot going on beyond…

First off! Everyone’s favorite boy toys The Memories keeping the feeling alive with their newest EP and first 7″ (!) called “American Summer’ !!! Six (6) new songs about that summer feeling, on hot wax from Chicago, IL’s Randy Records! It’s available here as well as from Randy Records, where you can pick that and two other 7″s for a bundle deal that’s totally legit! They just put out the new Today’sHits 7″ too (one of the best pop acts around starring James Swanberg, who is a certified Gnar Star with releases on the way here on Gnar; including his incredible new pop band The Lemons) so you should holler at them if you got a thirst for little vinyl records!!!

Also The Memories decided to pull another prank on everyone and release a super limited edition cassette again. This time though it comes with hand-drawn & colored art by singer/songwriter Rikky “Free Weed” Gage !!! It’s a C40 cassette called “SINSTRUMENTALS: Selected Instrumentals 2011-2013” and features instrumental versions of many of your favorite jingles by The Mems. There will only be 8(!!!) available and they will only be available here!!! Shoot us an email if you want one and we can work something out! Otherwise you can grip the tracks digitally HERE

Also if that isn’t enough, we are beyond elated to announce that The Memories will be touring the West Coast USA with the one and only R. Stevie Moore !!! Below are the dates !!!

Mon 2/17 Portland @ Doug Fir
Tue 2/18 Vancouver @ Electric Owl
Wed 2/19 Seattle @ Chop Suey
Thu 2/20  Eugene @ Paper Moon
Fri 2/21 San Francisco @ The Chapel
Sun 2/23 LA @ The Echo

Mon 2/24 San Diego @ Soda Bar

Also next week on Monday January 6th we will be reissuing the debut cassette collection of 70s & 80s lost classics from Florida pop legend Phil Thomas Katt!!! You may know him as the host of cult-favorite weirdo gem of a music show The Uncharted Zone (famous for introducing the mainstream world to the quiet and reluctant genius of Mark Gormley), but if you don’t check out this Gnar Tapes fan site we crafted for the one and only PTK.


Upcoming cassettes:
Phil Thomas Katt (Pensacola, FL)
Love Cop (Portland, OR)
The Lemons (Chicago, IL)
Fungi Girls (Fort Worth, TX)
The Beers (Columbus, OH)
Wyatt Blair (Los Angeles, CA)
GNAR FM 2 !!! (Earth)