hows the eggnog? hows the pasta? staying warm?
we’re trying our best over here at Gnarnia but wow, it’s been a cold one. some of us were down in the San Francisco and San Rafael the past few weeks working on The Memories album for Burger Records coming out next year and it wasn’t exactly warm either, but it sure was beautiful and fun. we had a great time doing dabs in San Francisco with good friends and going out to the many great bars they have there. almost lost a shoe in a tree; not this time thanks to Colin! thanks dawg 🙂

anyway, it’s good to be back at Gnarnia with our friends and 2Buff (who spends most of his time upstairs in Izak‘s bed sleeping under a blanket) and it’s good to be back in the shop making magic and attending to your mail needs. seriously very sorry for any mail delays. they should happily be at your door before the holidays are over.

speaking of holidays, why not get a friend or family member the ultimate gift?
got a parent who might enjoy the sweet and playful sounds of The Memories?
got a dad who might like the balls out rock n roll of hotshots White Fang?
got a friend who likes bongs, parites, girls, and Keanu Reeves? duh… The Courtneys would be perfect

got a little skater brother who might be getting high at his friend’s house?
why not get him ANY GNAR TAPE EVER??????

well now would be perfect to accommodate them all at once with the Gnar Tapes Year End Deal???

Only until JAN 1st, 2014!
Just indicate in the comments (or email us) which tape you’d like for free and we’ll pack it on in!

Also every order from now until we run out comes with a FREE White Fang promotional CD courtesy of Metal Postcard Records of Europe and Asia! YOU WILL NOT BE SAD ABOUT IT 🙂

Also do you remember last year’s Gnartivity Scene compilation we made??? Well it’s still up on our bandcamp and it’s FREE! Enjoy it and annoy all your friends! GET IT HERE

Also here’s a little thank you video from White Fang for all the love this year 2013 🙂

& everyone at Gnarnia

new holiday comp!
new holiday video!
Totally You digital 7″ !
The Petty Things digital 7″ !
Phil Thomas Katt cassette!
new Love Cop cassette with Lolipop Records!
new Gnar Tapes compilation!
some new zines and surprises 😉 !

some new Gnar Tapes coming 2014
The Beers, Trailblazer, Wyatt Blair, Fungi Girls, BOOM!, Pop Zeus, Honey Bucket, Free Weed, White Fang, The Memories, Sich Mang, The Lemons, AND MANY MANY MORE!!!!