Hey all!

Wow! You know, we really feel lucky to be doing what we do here at Gnar Tapes & Shit. Sometimes when I’m sitting in our Gnar Tapes Global Resource Center (now in its 7th location!) and I’m looking up at the racks and racks of tapes, records, toys, and such, I think to myself “Gee, what a fun and rewarding thing this has been!”

And today is no different. We may have been late on our release date, but here we are now proudly proclaiming: YES! HONEYDRUM’S GNAR TAPE IS HERE!

I am ever so fond of pop music in all of its shapes and stripes. But Honeydrum is just something else. They just sound so good and they look so nice and the songs are so tasty; it’s a favorite flavor around the office these days.

The tape is available in the shop. Grip that. If you need some help deciding, or if you’re just waiting for the video for “Sore Cheeks” to be finished, why don’t you peep some of the band’s previous videos? I would.

“Can’t Wait To Meet You” (from “Do U Party?” CD on Amdiscs)

“Oh Donna” (from “Stranger Calls” 7″ on Amdiscs)

“Night Runner” (from Beko Digital Singles Label)

Enjoy yourself! And all the fine releases from Gnar Tapes & Shit!