Yo! Sorry to be fuckin off for so long and not posting up on this shit for yall.

If you must know, the White Fang tour of the states was a success; no deaths, no jailtime, no diseases and beer + weed + greasy food everynight. What a time.

Anyway, if today is good, The Reservations tapes should arrive at one of our respective addresses today. This would be wonderful. I know we promised that the CCR Headcleaner and Jovontaes tapes would drop alongside The Res’ tape,,,,,,, but the GNAR budget greatly suffered due to White Fang’s tour van’s transmission blowing up and gas prices blowing up. Sorry. I think Talking Helps Records (c’mon Fabi! call me back!) said they would give us some money and I think so will our intern, Lil Nicky. Just bear with us and believe in us.

As always, there are lots more tapes on the horizon. There are also lots of GNAR showcases and shows happening in the coming warmer months. Stay tuned for more about that. I know Extreme Animals said they’d be coming out. We have a PA and a generator now. And we’re going down to the state cap of Salem to register as the GNAR PARTY.

Also, we’ll have a video site soon.

OK I’m at work tho.