Hey homies it’s July. In the Northern Hemisphere that means it’s Summertime. We’ve been busy gearing up the next round of Gnar after a long batch of tours this Springtime. I (Rikky) got flown out to Miami for the cassette release show for Free Weed’s “Things That Go Bump In The Night Club” at Gramp’s. (As of the writing of this we still don’t have those tapes, haha.)

I was only in Los Angeles for one day between Miami and the Free Weed tour in Brazil. Jimmy “Jerry Rogers”came with and played bass and drum machine. That tour was incredible. We started in Curitiba and drove north, first to São Paulo, then to Rio de Janeiro, then outside of Rio in a city I can’t remember the name of. Now there’s a nice Gnar Tapes section at Livros Lidos in Curitiba if anyone along the southeastern coast of Brazil is trying to get Gnar Tapes without shipping costs.

Jerry and I flew back to Los Angeles but left the next morning with White Fang to support Har Mar Superstar on the California stretch of his album release tour. Our leg of the run ended in San Francisco and we flew the next morning to Amsterdam. We spent the next 7 weeks traveling around Europe and pre-Brexit England. Jerry and Davey flew back a day early to Los Angeles to gear up for Deathstock 2 leaving Funkle, Izak, and I in Berlin to play The Memories’ first ever show in that city. We had been hanging out at 8MM Bar and one of the bartenders, Andrea from the band Gurr, got us in contact with a guy who could play drums for our show, seeing as Jimmy was at that point en route to Los Angeles. We met him, a fella named Brandon from Massachusetts, a few hours before the show and went through the set one time up in the apartment above the venue. The show went off and we woke up the next morning feeling accomplished for a great show and amazing tour. We then got stuck in Iceland for a day and a half but, long story short, were able to make it to Deathstock 2 in time to manage the Gnarstock stage.

Deathstock 2 was one of the best anything to ever happen. Camping out in the woods in Guerneville, California (north of San Francisco) taking drugs and watching the best bands; it was the best way to kick off the Summer. Big fucking shout out to the homies at Death Records for that and for their top-notch record label that is putting out some of our favorite stuff right now.

And now it’s July. I’m writing from my new bedroom in Lincoln Heights, 2 miles from the Gnar HQ where GnarBurger and Studio G are located. I live with Allie from Peach Kelli Pop, Roland from Together Pangea, Andrew from Nashville, Tennessee, and Mick from Denton, Texas. I walk to Gnar and back with my dog most days now, but as I type this Jerry is on his way to pick me and dog up to go to Gnar. I gotta get in the vocal booth and cut a few lines from “Black Hole Sun” (it’s for a new LP on Bad Diet coming out later this year) that I forgot to do yesterday, we also have a meeting with our sub-label Marriage Records and their new band Moon Grass Mountain to discuss the group’s new LP, and also to take a picture for one of the upcoming LPs by The Memories. Also there’s supposed to be tequila around.

Coming this week from Gnar Tapes we have new tapes from Lil Donyel, The Memories, Brendan Sepe (of The Pesos), and Jerry Rogers. We’ll have Gnar Digital 7″s from Free Weed, Totally You, and Brendan Sepe. We’ll have a new episode of the Gnar FM TGIF Podcast.

Coming later this month from Gnar Tape we have a new tape from Totally You (finally!) and the new Gnar FM 3 compilation (finally!!) plus more Gnar Digital 7″s and plenty of surprises.

Thanks for being a friend to the Gnar!