Hey there dudes! Gnar Tapes & Shit is on a journey right now. As you may have heard, the famously cool SK8 & Rhone house (the fort where we hung our cap and socks up at the end of the day) is now forever gone.

I lived at 3626 SE 8th Avenue for more than a year and a half, but it feels like my whole life. We got evicted and now we are HOMELESS!

(This is where really tap-heavy metal riffs start playing.)

So while we’re looking for a new building to house Gnar Tapes & Shit AND White Fang, we’re going to have to lay low for a second.

This doesn’t mean GT&S is “on a break” or “on hiatus”, it just means we won’t be making new merchandise for a few weeks. Anything you want can still be attained. Except for these exceptions.

Super Destroy – Evil Doers


Dust Collector – Gnarcotix


Cross Faded the Mixtape from WWJD


Super Destroy – Las Blancas Mix


Super Destroy – Gamma Ray

Super Destroy – Cool Bros

Super Destroy – Eat My Shred

I know, I know. You’re probably saying “BUT DUDE! This is all your tapes!” and I’d be like “No, you can still get Death Eaters. And besides, this doesn’t mean you CAN’T get these tapes.”

As a matter of fact, here’s a new deal.

When we get our new office, which I will make known when it happens, we will sell you any of these tapes as a CUSTOM ORDER. That means we charge you a dollar extra to handcraft you a new tape. Not too bad. You can also buy all these tapes in an AWESOME box set for an undetermined price.