If I could describe Magic Mike XXL in one word, that word would have to be “delicious.” Or “abtastic”.

With two words, I would use “outrageously sexy.”

I’m not sure how many words I will use to describe it in this review, but I do know that I went into MMXXL with very low expectations and left with my expectations thoroughly defiled. Perhaps my two word description should have been “defiled expectations.” I had not seen the original flick, but I did read a brief synopsis and checked out some of the key sequences on YouTube. Besides getting a little bit aroused by the sexy dances, there wasn’t much to speak of in the few clips I watched, which I think were supposed to be the best parts of the film.

Naturally, I was hoping the sequel was going to focus more on the fun aspects of what makes a romp like MM such as the arousing dance performance of Channing Tatum.

I still don’t really have a great frame of reference, but the movie did not fail to deliver the heart-racing sexy fun times! I was given solid character driven drama, and treated to an unlikely story about coming of age and coping with the heartbreak of following a lost dream. Most importantly I was sexually aroused throughout, and I couldn’t keep from laughing.