Well, buddies, Summer is almost here. The rain clouds are slowly leaving Portland, slowly. This last weekend was beautiful though. I think I speak for many when I say Saturday was a blissful and hazy kind of sabbath.

In recent news- the GNAR showcase at East End last week with The Reservations, BOOM!, White Fang, and Cole and the Rats was killer despite an almost complete lack of promotion on our part; better luck next time guys. We’ll continue to have GNAR nights, with some this month at Valentine’s and Tonic Lounge; we’ll let you know the TBDs.

Also, we have The Reservations debut tapes ready for mail order. Just waiting on Chris to upload a picture of it. Also, we’re working on two new compilations on top of the many tapes in production as of now.

For your fun, here are some links to some friends’ music:

Nude Sunrise (Chicago, IL; on tour now!)

June 7- Northampton, MA @Meat Gum w/Happy Jawbone Family, Quilt and The Great Valley
June 8- Allston, MA @Problem House w/QUILT, The Great Valley and MMoss
June 9- Lowell, MA @The Dirty Douglas w/The Great Valley and Quilt
June 10- Brooklyn, NY @Shea Stadium w/QUILT and The Great Valley
June 11- Long Island, NY @RatgumHQ/R.E.M. Koolhaus, CH-ROM Punks on Mars
June 12- New York City, NY @Goodbye Blue Mondays w/Zilmrah
June 13- New York City, NY @Yippie Museum
June 13- New York City, NY @Matchless w/Many Mansions
June 14- Philadelphia, PA @Danger Danger Gallery w/Hermit Thurshes, Acid Kicks and Swimmers Ear
June 15- Baltimore, MD @Emerald City
June 16- Pittsburgh, PA @Beach House

Speculator (LA/Oakland, CA; new record on Underwater People’s this summer!)

Melted Toys (San Francisco, CA)

Colleen Green (LA/Oakland/Boston)

Campo-Formio (Puerto Rico)

BOOM! (Portland, OR)

Jib Kidder (Oakland, CA, etc.)