(Above: White Fang’s Jimmy Leslie and Kyle Handley at “our” cabin studio in Sunriver, OR during last weekend’s “Carpet Voyager Studio” sessions.)

To be realest with you: we’ve been slammed over here at Gnar Tapes. We’re setting up for the next releases (The Reservations, CCR Headcleaner, Jovontaes) but chances are we might not get to their proper release until after April. This is because, as you may or may not know, White Fang (which is practically everyone operating GNAR) will be on a full-on United States of America tour. This means we’ll be unable to handle mail orders or new releases during that time, though we’ll still be accepting orders. We’ll have a few tapes with us on the road, along with the new White Fang LP and a tour-only cassette of upcoming songs for our next record “Carpet City”, as well as some 7″s, posters, and hopefully a shirt. We’ll still be very much “present” on the web though, as those long drives practically beg for you to be using your phone to check your shit.

WHILE WE’RE ON TOUR, we’ll be hoping for these things, in this order:

2) A PLACE TO STAY FOR THE NIGHT (even just a floor)
3) FOOD (BURRITOS/PIZZA/SANDOS, though produce, nuts, and gravies are cool too)
4) MARIJUANA (also always accepting most other drugs)
5) BEER/TEQUILA/WHISKEY (but not turning away other beverages)

Also, if you live in a town/city/village we’re visiting and you have a bedroom studio or a radio station or a videocamera (or whatever) we will be trying our damnedest to keep making things and posting them up here or on the www.whtfng.com or facebooks as the tour rolls on.

If you want to arrange a hang sesh, please email us at: