Helloooo all this Capt. Mardi Gras reporting from Galaxy 420;

As you may have noticed, we’ve been pretty busy over here:

!) GOD DAMN SAVIOUR: First off, in a very monumental moment in Gnar Tapes history, we launched the FREE DEBUT MIXTAPE by Skinny Jesus (Izak Arida of BOOM! and The Memories). Stoner-ass heavy-duty rap with beats and snaps from Feather Headdress (the long-running beat production team of Erik Gage and Unkle Funkle) and guest beats from White Rainbow, Jib Kidder and Speculator. This is a CLASSIC, “MUST-COP” digital download. Available at the new site and on our DIGITAL SHOP page. Check out the video for “Get High“, a doobie-jammer that samples The Memories song “Higher“.

@) PRE ORDERS: For the first time EVER, we are offering PRE-ORDERS for some of our releases that are in mid-to post-production phases. You can scope those over in the SHOP page.

#) DISTRO DEPT.: Finally, after all these years, we are opening a DISTRO Dept. on our SHOP page. There are only a couple of titles in there right now, but we will be adding more (only cassettes and vinyl) as time goes on. For the most part, we will be offering releases we LOVE (heart), but you can contact us if you have something you think we’ll like. Especially releases from bands that have released Gnar Tapes!

$) WHITE FANG “POSITIVE FEEDBACK”: Awhile back our mascot band White Fang released their 4th album “Positive Feedback” on their bandcamp for FREE, as a thank you to their fans after the success of their 3rd album for Marriage Records, “Grateful to Shred“. While being an instant-classic for WF fans and new fans alike, there was a consistent interest in the physical release of the album. Always a busy band recording-wise, the boys have been busy working on ANOTHER tape and ANOTHER album and a split 7”. So the time has come for Gnar Tapes to step up to the plate and release this rockin’ and catchy-as-hell, bong-rock masterpiece on our beloved cassette format. Not only that, but it will contain a new bonus song! And it will be hand-dubbed by the band themselves.

%) DIGITAL 7″ DEPT: Also in our continued efforts to try new and fun things, we will be launching a bandcamp page devoted specifically to the periodical release of Gnar Tapes Digital 7″s. First conceived by White Fang for their “If I Had A Van” Digital 7″, the basic idea is that each release contains two tracks, one being the single and the other being the bonus. Expect new jams from bands you love as well as solo-appearances and one-offs. There will be plenty to look forward to when this finally gets under way.

^) EVENTS/BOOKING DEPT: After all these years, we’ve been lucky to meet a fairly large amount of new friends, not only through this wonderfully weird Internet Place, but through traveling and playing shows. Recently, we’ve been putting on a lot more shows in Portland for touring bands on top of the showcases and parties being thrown by Gnar and Gnar bands around the city. So, in hopes to keep up with all of the goings-on, we will be adding an EVENTS page to our main site (this one). On this page we hope to keep up with Gnar Tapes sponsored events, including big parties and touring band shows, as well as band-by-band shows and tours. On the page there will also be information on how to get in touch with us and our associates for leads on who to talk to about booking shows in Portland and along the west coast.

&) GNAR.TV: Part of all of this, us and you, is the sharing of information. In the past, we’ve effectively used video not only to quickly and efficiently deliver information to our fans and customers, but were able to also express our styles and emotions with you. Not only that, but we like to think we lead some funny and exciting lives. So with that being said, we are preparing the launch of a NEW, separate site called GNAR.TV. On this NEW, separate site there will be an index of VIDEO content, including music videos, tour documentaries, event documentaries, band interviews, live videos, **sketches and shows!**, and curated outside-content. There will be more on this as it develops. For now, keep your eyes on our facebook, vimeo, and youtube.

*) And last, but not least, our illustrious and industrious leader of the pack, EG, has been keeping a marijuana/music blog for a little while. It is called Riff That Spliff, and you should get on that shit.

So, that’s a lot of information and should keep you informed for the meantime. Thanks for supporting us and helping us do this. WE LOVE YOU! Drop us a line anytime!

Your friend,
The Capt.