Boom! – Boom!




“Izak Arida of The Memories & White Fang moved to Portland at the age of 21 with his bandmates Chris Scott (now in Guantanamo Baywatch) and Osama Ehigiator. The three of them were called Boom! and they won the hearts of the rock & roll party lovers in the house show scene. This was their debut record that was desperately underappreciated thanks to it’s shoddy promotion, copyright infringed album cover, and the departure of singer Osama Ehigiator after a full mental collapse while on tour with White Fang in California shortly before the album’s release. Although the band continued (and still continues today despite a current hiatus) and released 2 more albums, a bunch of tapes, and a 7″(also available from this webstore) this album still stands as their best overall album and only vinyl LP. If you love Izak and Chris, or their respective current bands White Fang, The Memories, and Guantanamo Baywatch, you will love this record. If you fuck with punk rock with fantastically catchy melodies and absurd lyrics, you will love this record. Help this record find the audience it deserves: YOU.” – Rikky Gage (Free Weed, White Fang, The Memories)

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