Eeeks – Oracle



The sequel to Eeeks debut album ‘Pet City’ is an all out banger that will quench your Eeeks thirst with deep musical hydration! Our favorite weirdo pop 5 piece from Asuncion, Paraguay returns with what is sure to be a classic Gnar Tapes release. Seriously, we can’t stop listening to this album. Clocking in at half an hour with 10 tracks with sci-fi to bubblegum to baroque and so much more. You’ll be getting whiffs of Wham!, tastes of Television Personalities, moments and pieces of The Mamas & the Papas, and even doses of Devo! Don’t ignore the ‘Oracle’ – an album titled after the Greek legend of the Oracles; powerful seers who predicted the future and communicated with the gods and goddesses. This is the real deal and it’s time to get a clue! Get it before the gettin’s gone!

Limited edition of 100 pro-dub, pro-print, factory sealed cassettes with deluxe fold-out j-card!


Freaky Chums
Dishwasher’s Delight
Going Home
Howlin’ Teen Wolfe
Ye Olde
I’ll Be Crying
Part Time Job
Don’t Fade Away

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