Free Weed – Returns



10 bedroom poppers for the boppers. Blazed up in Los Angeles. Eastside and downtown, yeah.


Originally conceived in an apartment in Portland in 2010, Free Weed released over 20 cassettes and 2 LPs of experimental bedroom pop over the span of 5 years, culminating in the 2015 release ‘Introducing’ on the Bad Diet label. During that time he moved to eastside LA, opened a recording studio, opened and operated a store, traveled the world, closed the store and the studio, then moved to Downtown LA. But now, after 4 years of intermittent EPs, experimental singles, spoken word cassettes, loop tapes, and covers albums, the one and only Free Weed returns with ‘Returns’ – the newest and truest album of actual proper pop songs by Rikky Gage of the bands White Fang, The Memories, and The Stoners; and president of the fabled Gnar Tapes label. 10 new tracks of bedroom pop from an OG. Recorded in Los Angeles from 2016-2018 in bedrooms, an office, and a warehouse.

A dose of positive messages and lighthearted laughter.

Meant as both a teaser for a year full of new Free Weed music and as a soft statement of intent by the sweetman himself. Funky, fun, and full of love.

Dedicated to the memory of Zach Stephenson.


released April 1, 2019
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