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Unkle Funkle of White Fang & The Memories was born in San Francisco, California in May of 1988 as Chris Uehlein. Before Funkle learned to harness the bizarre genius that would create the subversive and critically acclaimed album Picture Of My Dick (the cover is literally a picture of his dick), he was an unpopular choir boy living in Portland, Oregon with a deeply unhealthy fascination with computers.

Funkle cultivated his love of music in conjunction with his love of computers for many years, experimenting with new sounds on software such as ProTools & Fruity Loops at the age of 12. By age 13, the young choir hero started his first band, Fat Jack, with Kyle Handley (formerly of White Fang & The Memories). From that moment on, Unkle Funkle understood his true destiny

Immediately following his brief stints at Berklee College of Music and University of Oregon (where he received mostly an education in psychedelics), Unkle Funkle moved back to Portland in 2008 to play music and step in as vice-president of the newly formed record label Gnar Tapes with Rikky Gage (Gnar Tapes, The Memories, White Fang).

After a few years of touring and developing the label, Funkle decided to begin work on a solo project he had conceptualized that parodied styles and sounds of music from songs he heard switching between radio stations. His first album, Rub Rub Relief (released on Gnar Tapes) was 15 minutes of absolute absurdity and a hilarious cacophony of pure sound. Being well received by his peers, Funkle began slowly working on a full-length and fully-flared approach to this concept, which culminated in the completion of his second album Picture Of My Dick.

Nearly 5 years later, Funkle is finally ready to release his third full-length entitled Supernatural via Burger Records on February 5th. The highly conceptual album about a king sent by a magical stranger back in time to defeat a dark lord with the power of goodness, is a departure from the radio themed albums that predeceased it.

Supernatural was recorded over the course of 3 years in Portland, Oregon and Los Angeles, California.

Unkle Funkle currently resides in Los Angeles with his husbands, wives and dog.

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