So here’s some news.

We have proof of these tapes right here. Again only ten minutes long.

White Rainbow (Gnar Life) (Ambient break tape. To cool off)
Breakfast Mountain (Gnar Tape) (Heavy beautiful beats. To get quickly pumped)
White Fang (Gnar Out) (Loud fucked up radio broadcoast. To add to your collection.)
White Fang (Summer Vibe) (Limited edition reissue of our sold out classic. To be free spirited.)
Super Destroy (Gamma Ray/Blind Bat/Cool Bros/Hana Hutchings) (Everything.)
Savages (Mix Tape) (Not to be fucked with. To rap.)

There will be VHS soon, as well as DVDrs, CDrs, shirts, zines, coloring books, stickers, tattoos, lemonade, etc.

Pictures of the tapes soon too.