Hello friends,

As you may know, White Fang is planning to tour the U.S. next month. We were relying on the sale of Kyle’s car, a 2000 Chevrolet Cavalier, in order to purchase a van.

Unfortunately, today we were leaving a jam session and the worst thing that could ever happen, did indeed happen.

Kyle, thinking that his car was in reverse, pushed on the gas sending the front of the car straight into the truck parked in front of us. The truck is fine, but Kyle’s car is now, basically, totaled.

The hood is smashed and the radiator is busted. So is the left headlight.

Now, not only do we not have a way to get a van, but we are not going to have almost any money for tour. We were planning to make a profit in the sale of the car and the purchase of the van, in hopes that we would have a tour fund.

Our resolve is as good as ever, but this puts us in a whole other realm of hurt.

We are almost done booking the tour, but now we need to ask anyone who knows anyone for help.

If you have a van, or know someone who has a van, and are willing to let us borrow it for our tour, you will be forever be our savior.

And if you have any donations that you’d like to make, you will get every White Fang album, tape, shirt, etc. for free for life.

Please, please help your band.

I know the world is in shambles right now, with the economy and the state of things in general, but if you can help we will never forget it.

Thanks for reading,

White Fang