Jolly Friday everyone! Before we get to this week’s TGIF surprise let’s do a quick recap of this last week!

– On Sunday Rikky, Izak, and Chris from Guantanamo Baywatch all got tattoos from Emily of Deadpanzies to honor our beloved Pop Zeus boy, Mikey Hodges (RIP). Then we went to the bowling alley in Eagle Rock to see No Parents and Massenger and White Night and show off our new tattoos.

– On Monday Rikky and Funkle DJ’d the rooftop of the Ace Hotel in downtown LA for Burger Records‘ monthly DJ night. We drank a lot of fancy cocktails for free.

– On Tuesday night Penelope Gazin came over and painted a new mural on one of the blank walls inside Studio G! Book your band to record at Studio G and you just might get to see it in person!

– On Wednesday we took the mail to the post office and The Memories recorded all day, and Pale Bitch stopped by and recorded a song too.

– Last night, on Thursday, Emily came back over and tattooed Funkle, Mark Tester from Burnt Ones, and our friend Ryan Reidy, and old friend of Mikey’s who just moved to LA. A bunch of friends came over, including Arian from Blouse and Eddie (who is hosting the Pitchfork radio thing happening in LA right now) came over with some “shimmering liqueur” and tequila. And Patty Burger came to play Hot Dice. There was some good dice games and everyone had a good time. Also Cory from Austin, TX and the bands Croy & The Boys and Dumb came over with some friends including a cool dog named Pablo who I let chew up my Mom doll.

Now that the recap is done let’s get to TGIF!

This week’s TGIF is a surprise Gnar Tapes Zine featuring Penelope Gazin, Kyle Field, Free Weed, and Jerry Rogers! Printed & assembled at Studio G using nice cardstock and staples. Limited edition of 30 only! Available in the shop!!!

Price with Shipping:

Wait you know what…. HAVE AN EXCELLENT WEEKEND~!

xoxo GNAR