Thank you Gnar fans, friends, and family!!! It was our hardest year yet and we were out of town most of the time, but now we have this insane HQ in LA and we’re locked into a lease here ’til at least May 2016 so things are gonna be a little more stable from now on! Thank you so so so so so so so so much for making all of this possible! We have a lot of new amazing things coming in 2015!!! Things you aren’t expecting and maybe wouldn’t even believe if we posted it here. So we won’t! Just stay freaky with us here at Gnar Tapes and Studio G! If you are in Los Angeles hit us up! 

The final Digital 7″ of 2014 is everyone’s favorite sunshine daydreamers The Lemons!!!
Go to and see and hear for yourself!
We’re looking forward to bringing you more of The Lemons and the Gnar Digital Label in 2015 and beyond!!!

Love from us to you!
xoxoxoxoxo GNAR