So I must sound like a total jerk but Gnar Tapes is still gearing up.

Trust me dudes, this shit is going to be so hot you won’t be able to cool it off.

Also check the White Fang myspace for show updates.

We’re playing with YACHT next. He’s a really sweet guy, isn’t he?

On a similar note, yesterday me and Jimi went over to his parents’ house and we found my old copy of Nortenas by Lucky Dragons, from the Pregnancy series.

Gah, stupid thing happened earlier.

I plugged a power strip into the wall, but when I flipped the switch on it all the lights in the room and the CD player that was blasting Zen Arcade stopped blasting.

Now I have to figure out how the hell I’m going to fix this problem.

All the power in my room is gone, but nowhere else in the house.