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Writing from our new office in LA! Just signed the papers and we’ll be stuck down here for awhile. We just returned from the final White Fang tour of the year. It was great. We supported our friends YACHT all across the USA and also two shows in Canada. Thanks guys. We had so much fun touring this year. Special thanks also to The Coathangers. That was the tour we did right before and that was fun as fuck too.

Next up is The Memories final tour of the year! This time with Andy from Mean Jeans (aka The Hound Of Love) on drums. You can find those dates towards the end of this post.

We have some leftover White Fang records and tapes from tour (though not many) and you can acquire them separately (email us) or from the following deal:


Price with Shipping:


The new batch of Gnar Tapes is up for pre-order, below. We don’t often do this but this time we are. Each run is limited to 100 tapes only! The manufacturer is on vacation until later this month. Expect these to release officially early November.

GNAR151 Totally You “Coconut Heaven”

– The long-awaited sophomore release and depth-defying sequel to his cult-status 2012 debut, Totally You’s “Chilltown USA” is now ready for pre-order! Izak Arida, who is a full-time member of legendary lo-fi pop princes The Memories as well as singer/songwriter/guitarist of garage pop punk duo BOOM! (with longtime friend Chris Scott of Guantanamo Baywatch), is a quintessential member of the Gnar Tapes collective, a group whose individual members are renowned for their prolific and high-quality output of music and art. Everything you liked about the first one, but more. And if you like his other bands (or even his rapping alter-ego Skinny Jesus) this one is essential. Split release with Chicago’s Tripp Tapes, run by like-minded maestro, peer, and fan James Swanberg of Today’s Hits and The Lemons.

GNAR152 Fat Creeps “Must Be Nice”
– Pre-order the new album by buzzing Boston band Fat Creeps. Fronted by female shredders Mariam Saleh and Gracie Jackson, Fat Creeps have been building a devoted following in one of America’s greatest underground rock capitals, Boston, MA; where cops pose as mohawk wielding punks on music forums just to get a taste of the action. Combining elements of punk, grunge, shoegaze, and straight-up basement rock for a hard-candy doseage of sound. Vinyl version on Sophomore Lounge Records.

GNAR153 The Memories “Milky Ways”
– Everyone’s favorite lo-fi lovers and prolific purveyors of pothead pop offer up something new for you. At this point we can all agree that The Memories have their own, signature homespun sound, or sounds rather, that fit into a spectrum between dirty and delightful. Percussion pulled from everyday objects such as kitchenware and art supplies, guitars played through broken practice amps and karaoke machines, keyboards drifted through dusty inputs; all to create an atmosphere that recalls elements of AM radio, garage sale mixtapes, and sentient lo-fi intention. For the first time ever The Memories boldly take this intention into the final frontier; instrumental music. Every song on this album is new and entirely vocal-free. From breezy lost-country to meditative folk psychedelia to weirdo outsider fuzz to sun-tinged palm tree soft rock, this one is sure to be a fan favorite. Use this one. Pre-order now! Limited to 100 copies!!!
GNAR154 Mope Grooves “Weird Girls”

– Gnar Tapes’ special boy Stevie Pohlman, originally from St. Louis, has been a fixture in Portland’s dwindling but vital punk scene since he first moved to town with his band Youthbitch near the beginning of the turn of the decade. Popular with both the cardigan-and-drugs art school crowds as well as the leather-and-drugs punk rock scene, that band had a good run that allowed for Stevie to step out and create fuzzy, catchy, lo-fi pop rock without the stubborn punk vibe of his former band. Lending his truly gifted ear to tasty full-band pop nuggets (not unlike The Kinks), Stevie utilizes the less utilized elements of acoustic guitar and stoner casio riffs into his unique blend of bedroom garage pop. Not your average workaday cassette; this one stands up.

GNAR155 White Fang “Full Time Freaks”

– For the first time on cassette and the first time released in the USA, White Fang’s 4th full length album “Full Time Freaks” is now available fro pre-order! Originally released on vinyl in Europe by Hong Kong based label Metal Postcard in March 2014, “FTF” quickly gained attention (both positive and negative) for its unique lo-fi sound and aggressively weirdo vibe. Stoner, slacker, stupid; whatever. This is true American Punk Weirdness. Think about it. You can only get this from us. Limited to 100 copies. GRIP QUICK!!!!!
In anticipation of The Memories new studio album (LP/CS/CD) “Hot Afternoon” on Burger Records we are offering very small quantities of the two newest tapes by your favorite band. While the new LP was produced by Sonny Smith (Sonny & The Sunsets), The Memories are known for their own production techniques as well as their simple & catchy song structures and lyrics. Below you will find information on these two hot new items!

GAL-029 The Memories “After Midnight”

“After Midnight” is the 12th tape by The Memories and relies on dreamy atmospherics and after-dark sensations to lead you into the landscape of night. Recorded in the classic Memories style, this one is as good as they come. Most reminiscent of “Breezy Evening” and “Ripple”, this is one of the straight-faced ones. Emotions and motions of The Memories. Released by Galaxy Train Records of Tokyo, Japan! Comes with digital download, two stickers, and a postcard!!! This is a RARE import and supplies are very limitied! Grip now!

PR08 / BRGR539 / GNAR147 The Memories “Early Memories”
– A collection of 12 rare and unreleased songs, released in conjunction with International Cassette Store Day 2014. The Memories are the princes of janky homemade pop perfection and this little compilation reveals 12 mostly-unheard ditties from the span of their whole career so far. But it plays like an album!!! Everything you love about The Memories! 100% satisfaction gurantee.
Also The Memories will be on tour soon. Here’s some dates. More dates to come.
10.13.14 – Fullerton, CA – Continental Room
10.14.14 – San Francisco, CA – Slim’s – W/ Burger Caravan of Stars ’14
10.16.14 – Portland, OR – Doug Fir Lounge – W/ Burger Caravan of Stars ’14
10.17.14 – Seattle, WA – El Corazon – W/ Burger Caravan of Stars ’14
10.18.14 – Spokane, WA – The Bartlett – W/ Burger Caravan of Stars ’14
10.19.14  – Boise, ID – The Crux – W/ Burger Caravan of Stars ’14
10.20.14 – Salt Lake City, UT – Kilby Court  – W/ Burger Caravan of Stars ’14
10.21.14 – Denver, CO – Marquis Theater – W/ Burger Caravan of Stars ’14
10.22.14 – Kansas City, MO – Record Bar – W/ Burger Caravan of Stars ’14
10.23.14 – Chicago, IL – Subterranean – W/ The Yolks, Spike & The Sweet Spots
10.24.14 – Detroit, MI – PJ’s Lager House
10.25.14 – Grand Rapids, MI – The Bunker
10.26.14 – Cleveland, OH – Happy Dog
10.28.14 – Brooklyn, NY – Death By Audio
10.29.14 – New York, NY – Cake Shop
11.5.14 – Austin, TX – Hotel Vegas
11.6.14 – San Antonio, TX – K23 Gallery
11.7.14 – El Paso, TX – Monarch
11.8.14 – Tempe, AZ – Yucca Tap Room

Thanks for reading!
Gnar always!